When a client comes to Minerva, they are able to meet their direct-hire needs in a comprehensive manner. We hire for roles across management levels, starting at the entry level till top executive leaves. That is our competitive advantage since it gives our clients a higher degree of trust and comfort in our methodology and expertise. It also makes us their one-stop shop for all hiring needs. We have consultants who are experienced and specialists in hiring for a wide and diverse range of professions.

| Contract Staffing

In India and even globally, the gig economy is the new buzzword. Organizations as well as individuals are increasingly moving towards roles that involve temporary or contractual employment. It gives both parties the space to choose the rules of the engagement, and where and when they want to work.

| Recruitment Process

The recruitment process is the heart and mainstay of many organizations, particularly in the growth phase. It defines the essence of innovative workforce solutions that companies are striving to achieve. RPO helps to lower costs incurred and probable risks as well. It is one of the most sought after services that we offer, because it is the new-age talent acquisition solution.

| International Recruitment

Talent mobility is a business reality. It is what allows organizations to expand their geographic footprint and growth their global presence. In today’s market, we know that international recruitment needs a new and different of principles than domestic hiring. We have spent years in acquiring a deeper understanding of what international manpower recruitment services entails and now we bring that expertise as a service for our clients.


India is a booming economy which has been attracting investments for some years now. There is a lot of interest in setting up operations here due to the presence of high levels of employable talent. Minerva Global’s venture Startup Talent should be your partner when you decide to launch your presence in India. Here is why –


This vertical focuses on improving business performance by creating a people-centric performance culture to achieve desired business results. We believe people should be continuously developed and nurtured for achieving high performance. Organizations need to build a culture of achievement through a well defined value chain, efficient functional and people processes and a learning environment which enhances capability of leaders and teams. We facilitate our clients in achieving the above by offering specialized interventions around: