Entry India

India is a booming economy which has been attracting investments for some years now. There is a lot of interest in setting up operations here due to the presence of high levels of employable talent. Minerva Global’s venture Startup Talent should be your partner when you decide to launch your presence in India. Here is why –

  • We know the pulse of the market. Over the past decade, we have been mentoring and nurturing several foreign companies who have been evaluating India for business operations and investments. We gather Market Intelligence and conduct comprehensive Competitor Analysis to give you a detailed view of the market.That can help you take data-backed decisions.
  • We are results-oriented with respect to talent. We believe that talent is serious business. Through our HR Consultation service and Training Bootcamps, we can ensure that your inception years in India are built on a strong foundation of great talent.
  • We know that you need to focus on strategy. Through our RPO service and Software Project Implementation support, we free up the time and effort of your core talent, to drive business results. In addition to the above, we also provide the following ancillary services to companies entering the India market-
  • Language Translators and Cultural experts
  • Support with Local Partner Search
  • India Business Visit assistance service
  • Licensing & Registration Assistance
  • Company Incorporation