About us

The right talent is the only way to unlock your business potential.
Find what is right for you

We, at Minerva, are trend-setters in identifying, assessing and providing clients with talent that is right for them. Our approach is not the generic and one-size-fits-all kind of methodology. We have been designing customized solutions to meet talent needs, for over a decade.Our work principles center around –

Organizations cannot afford to hire wrong individuals in their business critical mid and senior level roles. These are the roles that will enable them to achieve their ambitious plans. Our emphasis is on making sure that our search methodology is accurate and credible, so that you can meet talent that you can hire immediately.

We work with our clients in an honest and transparent manner. Our role as their partner and recruitment expert, is to share our perspective as well as raise their awareness about any exigencies or talent risks that are inherent in the process.

| why should you collaborate with us ?

Internal hiring teams spend endless hours in tactical or transactional work related to recruiting talent. Despite the effort, it does not guarantee that the hired resources will be the right fit. The pool of talent for the organization’s team to explore is also limited. That is why you should collaborate with us.

  • Through our dedicated and comprehensive recruitment effort we allow your internal Talent Acquisition team’s time to shift from being tactical to becoming strategic. This shift allows them to add higher levels of value to the organization’s business
  • Our intensive process ensures that the risk of a wrong hire is minimized. That translates into a high degree of cost saving and prevention of loss of business, for our clients.
  • We focus on provided the best experience to all stakeholders – Clients, Candidates and our Employees. This allows us to continue leveraging these relationships in a manner that benefits each of them.

| Our Competitive Advantage

We know that the 3 core drivers of our success are – Clients, Candidates and Employees. Our competitive advantage lies in the following :

  • Being able to assess candidate aspirations accurately
  • Being able to identify client needs specifically.
  • Being able to leverage employee strength optimally

When these three principles come together, Vrinda is able to provide a holistic experience and best-in-class consulting service. Our candidates will be in decision making roles in the years to come. They will become our clients. The experience they have is what will ensure that they hire us as their advisors. Our long-term vision defines our business continuity.